Freunde beim Dart spielen

Live Sports & Pub Events

Experience a British way of life in our pubs with sports, such as darts, live football & international rugby and with events, such as pub quizzes, karaoke, live music, pub parties & more!

Pickwick Club 3.0

Sports & Events

We take pride in providing our guests with pub-style cultural events! Enjoy the experience!
Celebrate Robert Burns the Scottish way with live music, haggis, poetry & malt whisky!

Robert Burns

Celebrate St. Patrick the Irish way with Guinness & more!

St. Patrick’s

Celebrate St. George the English way with craft beer tasting and a live English band!

St. George’s

Join our Beer & Song II with "Anglo" craft beer tasting & a live band!

Beer and song 2

Celebrate Halloween the Celtic way!


Celebrate St. Andrew the Scottish way with whisky & song!

St. Andrew’s

Celebrate Christmas the festive way!


World Cup, Euros, Champions League, Europa League & more!


World Cup, 6 Nations, the Rugby Championship & more!



Experience the emotion in your local pub of watching your favourite premiership football team or singing the national anthem as your rugby team prepares to battle it out! 
Watch it live here!


Which team will win this time!

FA Cup

Watch the champions play here!

Champions League

Watch the next generation champions play here!

Europa Leauge

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France & Italy - live rugby!

Nat West 6 Nations

All Blacks, Wallabies, Springboks & the Pumas!

The Rugby Championship

The northern rugby nations travel south!

Summer Internationals

The southern rugby nations travel north!

Autumn Internationals