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Welcome! A great selection of beers, classic pub food, live sports, authentic pub atmosphere & a British way of life are a few reasons why we are the place where people meet. Our pub team looks forward to welcoming you to our (or your) home away from home!









2nd - 17th

Celebrate St. Patrick the Irish way!

  • Buy your Guinness 3+1 beerpass (for club members only - join up if you haven`t already)
  • Enjoy our special Jameson St. Patrick`s long drinks.
  • Join our St. Patrick`s celebrations: Guinness, Jameson, green beer and more!
  • Watch the last 2 rounds of the 6 Nations games live!
  • Exclusive offers in all our pubs for all club members.
  • Join Mr. Pickwick`s digital loyalty Club  providing you with the chance to join our community and benefit from price discounts, birthday surprises & lots more! Sign up now!

 April: 4th - 13th

Celebrate St. George the English way (with or without Brexit!): London Pride, Honey Dew, Beer & Song I & more!

Beer & Song I with live music and beer tasting with exclusive English guest beers!

Happy 49th Birthday: Oliver Twist Pub, Zurich: 7th

Happy 48th Birthday: Mr. Pickwick Pub, Luzern: 21st

May: 12th - 1st June: Join our Carlsberg promo and watch the end of the football season. 

Plus, join our Hendricks promo for the whole month!

End of the Premier league season, FA cup final, Europa league final & more!


Please refer to our "Coming Soon" poster.

Sam Weller`s Food Blog, Mr. Pickwick Club 3.0, Piwi`s Red Ale & great places to stay!

Mr. Pickwick`s digital loyalty Club 3.0 - the next generation, providing you with the chance to join our community and benefit from price discounts, birthday surprises & lots more! Sign up now!

Try Sam Weller`s very popular food blog!

The PW club 3.0 will soon launch it`s very own digital food pass and coupons so that our club members can benefit with ease!

Exclusive: Piwi`s Red Ale, available in all out pubs- taste our house craft beer. 

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  • Check out your local pub/sports page for all live fixtures

Mr. Pickwick Recommends

March / April

Fuller`s Darkstar hophead extra

Exclusively on tap in Baden, Basel, Bern, Zug & Zurich from the Fuller`s brewery, England. As long as stocks last.

match with
Pulled beef tacos & chips


Marston`s Shipyard American Pale Ale

Exclusively on tap in Baden, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Zug & Zurich from the UK. As long as stocks last.

match with
Veggie Tacos & Chips

Coming soon

Coming in May / June:
Fuller`s Wildriver on tap exclusively in Baden, Basel, Bern, Zurich & Zug

Coming in April / May:
Badger`s Fursty Ferret on tap exclusive in Baden, Basel, Bern, Luzern Zurich & Zug


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