NEW: Join the Mr. Pickwick Club 3.0!

Starting in September 2018! Benefits of joining our Mr. Pickwick Club 3.0 include discounted prices, entry into exclusive competitions, our monthly club draw, your birthday free drink and many more local monthly benefits offered by your local pub. Register now for our digital ID and benefit immediately. We believe in rewarding our loyal customers.

Pickwick Club 3.0 Pickwick Club 3.0

Welcome to the club!


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We want you, our loyal customers, to benefit from a range of special monthly offers. Join our club community and benefit immediately! We will send you our monthly club newsletter to keep you informed of the monthly offers.


You are now a member - welcome to our club! Now you can benefit from a range of offers! The benefits are either general (offered in all our pubs) or local (only on offer in your local pub). As a member you can visit all our pubs and benefit from a range of offers. Just remember to show us your ID before ordering!

15th - 30th September

Discounts on a range of Swiss & English craft beers!

Price discounts only for club members (remember to show your ID to benefit):

  • We have an exclusive offer on a range of Fuller`s & friends bottled "Brewmaster" craft beers.
  • To complement this we are also offering a super selection of craft beers from the Chopfab/Doppelleu brewery.

Mr. Pickwick Club

According to Charles Dickens the Pickwick Club 1.0 was founded, in the 19th century, with Mr. Pickwick, Mr. Snodgrass, Mr. Winkle, Mr. Tupman & of course with the support of Sam Weller! In the 1990`s the Pickwick Club 2.0 was created and now in 2018 we are launching the Pickwick Club 3.0. Download your digital pass, join our pub community and benefit immediately in your local pub!