Event of the Month


Watch the RBS 6 Nations the Mr. Pickwick way: 10th - 26th February

  • The RBS 6 Nations rugby begins on the 4th February - collect your fixture list at the bar.
  • During the promo pints of Old Speckled Hen will be 8.00 CHF (as long as stocks last). Old Speckled hen is our guest beer on tap.

Have you tried our popular food menu? PDF-Dokument 

We recommend our Raj Mahal Curry!

Check out our Scottish whisky selection & our "Gin Palace" 


Welcome to Mr. Pickwick`s world of British craft beer!

Exclusive "Fuller`s Guest Ale" on tap in Baden, Basel, Bern, Zug & Zurich! Direct from the Fuller`s brewery in London! (as longs as stocks last).

Exclusive in Baden, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Zug & Zurich: Guest craft beer on tap from the Greene King Brewery, England (as long as stocks last).



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Something special to note:

  • Celebrate St. Patrick the Irish way: 3rd - 17th March - ask for your 3+1 Guinness pass
  • Celebrate St. George the English way: 15th - 30th - Beer & Song awaits you!
  • Available: Mr. Pickwick`s "beer tasting set" : taste 5 x 1dl of a beer on tap for 9.50 CHF and explore the world of beer tasting (incl. Tasting notes, Guide of "How to taste beer", Product information per beer).


News / Tips etc.

In your local Mr. Pickwick Pub you can celebrate,

  • in January: Burns Day
  • in February: the Six Nations rugby competition
  • in March: St. Patrick's day
  • in April: St. George`s day: Beer & Song I
  • ìn May: the end of the football season
  • in June: celebrate cider
  • in July: enjoy the summer
  • in August: the start of the football season
  • in September: Mr. Pickwick's Beer & Song II
  • in October: Halloween
  • in November: St. Andrew's & Poppy day
  • in December: Christmas