Event of the Month


      Celebrate St. George the English way:

      15th - 30th April

  • Special promo prices on Fuller`s London Pride (pint for 8.00) and Honey Dew (bottle: 7.00)!
  • All pubs are decorated
  • Celebrate our great St. George`s parties with "Beer & Song": live English band, "The 90s Kids", beer tasting with our own beer sommeliers!
  • Try our guest bottled beers from England: Southwold English Bitte, Ghost Ship pale ale, Innovation IPA & more!
  • Plus try our English guest beer/s on tap: Fuller`s Traitors`Gate and/or Greene King Abbot Ale

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This month we recommend our very popular homemade Mr. Pickwick`s fish & chips.

Check out our Scottish whisky selection & our "Gin Palace" 

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Welcome to Mr. Pickwick`s world of British craft beer!

Exclusive "Fuller`s Guest Ale" on tap in Baden, Basel, Bern, Zug & Zurich! Direct from the Fuller`s brewery in London! (as longs as stocks last).

Exclusive in Baden, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Zug & Zurich: Guest craft beer on tap from the Greene King Brewery, England (as long as stocks last).

  • April/May: Abbot Ale
  • June/July: Belhaven Craft Lager



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Something special to note:

  • Celebrate the end of the premiership season with Carling: 7th - 21st May
  • Mr. Pickwick celebrates cider: 1st - 15th June
  • Beer Day Britain: 15th June - all British beers are discounted on this day!
  • Available: Mr. Pickwick`s "beer tasting set" : taste 5 x 1dl of a beer on tap for 9.50 CHF and explore the world of beer tasting (incl. Tasting notes, Guide of "How to taste beer", Product information per beer).


News / Tips etc.

In your local Mr. Pickwick Pub you can celebrate,

  • in January: Burns Day
  • in February: the Six Nations rugby competition
  • in March: St. Patrick's day
  • in April: St. George`s day: Beer & Song I
  • in May: the end of the football season
  • in June: celebrate cider
  • in July: enjoy the summer
  • in August: the start of the football season
  • in September: Mr. Pickwick's Beer & Song II
  • in October: Halloween
  • in November: St. Andrew's & Poppy day
  • in December: Christmas